Even small luxuries can revitalise or relax, and by doing so, improve performance. No other luxury saloon steers quite such a self-assured route between style and status. The saloon also possesses innovative safety systems. It is the first vehicle in the world with suspension technology that even is able to react in advance to uneven roads.
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Time is money.
We all know that your time and the time of your employees is valuable. If your business meeting is in Davos, Lucerne, Basel, Geneva, Zurich or elsewhere, by booking our Limousine service you can be assured that you will be on time. Our drivers daily transport passengers to hotels such as Savoy  Hotel, Baur au Lac, Schweizerhof Hotels, Bürgenstock Resort, the Dolder Grand Hotel, and others.
The S Class represents many of the company’s latest innovations, including drivetrain technologies, interior  and safety systems. With sensory stimuli that captivate both body and soul, Mercedes-Benz  has completed the challenge of impressing even the most demanding customers. It has made a vehicle that is perfect for both lenghty trips and shorter routine daily trips.
  • The stylishly coordinated combination of high-quality appointments meets the highest  expectations with regards to quality, comfort, and design.
  • The Mercedes Benz S-Class is the real shape of a luxury car. It is an exclusive first-class vehicle for business transfers.
  • The S Class has ranked as the world's best-selling luxury sedan.
  • It makes a debut with a completely redesigned generation of engines.
  • It has the most intelligent assistance systems in its class.
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  • Mercedes Benz E-Class is the best-selling executive car, thanks to an all-impressive number of innovations,exclusive interior and the most intelligent saloon in  bussines class.
  • The interior of the Mercedes Benz E is comfortable and elegant, thanks to its leather soft-touch seats that welcome the guests gently. Its high-quality leather is apparent throughout the saloon and it has ample space in the back, as well as in the front. It is perfect for lenghty trips.
  • Book your private Mercedes Benz E-Class and take luxury and pleasure with style.
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  • Mercedes-Benz represents luxury, unique V-Class- the ultimate and perfect vehicle for short and long distance trips.
  • Style, elegance and comfort  are few of the words that describe every V-Class.
  • V-Class is one of the most secure vehicles.
  • If you travel with a business group or family, the V-Class is the ideal vehicle,because it has seven seats and enough space for your suitcases.
  • Book your private transfer from Zurich to the cantons of Switzerland, or to the neighboring regions of France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Lichtenstein, and Monaco.
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  • BALS is a Swiss  transfer company specialized in private transfers from the cities of Zurich, Geneva, Basel, and Bern, to the Swiss cantons and neighboring countries. 
  • For your special trip we offer you our Mercedes sixteen-seated Sprinter.
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a light commercial vehicle built by Daimler AG of Stuttgart, Germany as a van, chassis cab, or minibus.
  • The Sprinter is perfect for business and leisure trips.
  • With seats for up to sixteen passengers, the vehicle is offering a lot of space for your luggage.
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